Frequently asked questions

Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about updates for Linux and Windows applications - extended.

How can I get the sites?
If you are a BigFix Compliance customer and have Master Operator access, you can enable the sites from BigFix console > Licence Overview dashboard. You have to do this only once per BigFix Root Server, then you assign which computers are subscribed to the site once the first gather is completed.
Can I deploy this contents directly to my production servers?
You must ensure that following process is completed before deploying the contents to the production servers:
  • Test the content.
  • Complete backing up before patching.
  • Depending on the operating system or software, you may need to stop services before patching.
  • You may need to stop services on other endpoint before patching the database on a separate endpoint. BigFix server Automation can help you in this process, but it is outside of the scope of a single Fixlet.
The content from these sites can be used within a BigFix server Automation plan to automate a complex server patching scenario.
Will the middleware sites be available in BigFix WebUI Patch Policies?
No, the complexity of patching middleware does not fit within the model of BigFix WebUI Patch Policies / Autopatch.
How can I request an application to be supported?
Please add an idea to our Products Ideas Portal, which is evaluated for possible additions to HCL's content stream. Make sure to add link to the software description, payload download, and other information that you think will help the evaluators.