Product overview

HCL AppScan® Standard is a security vulnerability testing tool for web applications and web services. It features the most advanced testing methods to help protect your site from the threat of cyber-attack, together with a full range of application data output options.

HCLAppScan Standard employs two distinct testing techniques that complement and enhance each other:
Dynamic Analysis ("black-box scanning")
This is the primary method, testing and evaluating application responses during run-time.
Static Analysis ("white-box scanning")
This is a unique technology that analyzes JavaScript code in the context of the full web page.
AppScan's advanced capabilities include:
  • General and regulatory compliance reporting, with over 40 different templates available out-of-the-box
  • Customization and extensibility through the AppScan eXtension Framework, or by direct integration into existing systems using the AppScan SDK
  • Link categorization capabilities that go beyond application security to identify risks posed to users from links to malicious or other unwanted sites

AppScan Standard helps you decrease the risk of web application attacks and data breaches both before site deployment and for ongoing risk assessment in production.