You configure a scan by choosing settings that best describe your application, and the kind of testing you want.

You can choose between two methods of configuring regular scans:
  • Scan Configuration Wizards is useful if:
    • You are new to AppScanĀ®, or
    • Most of the settings you require are standard, or
    • You do not need to change settings between scans, and have already saved a scan template with your own specifications
  • Scan Configuration Dialog Box is useful if:
    • You need to customize many settings for a scan, or
    • You want to create and save a custom scan template
In both cases you start with a scan template (see Scan templates) and can optionally change settings as necessary. However, some advanced settings cannot be changed using the wizard, but only using the dialog box.

You can base your scan on the Regular Scan template, or you can load a previously saved template of your own. (A "scan template" is simply a set of scan configuration settings that have been saved.) Saving and loading your own scan templates is the most efficient method when you regularly use the same settings for your scans.

Note: After you have configured the scan, but before you start it, you can utilize Scan Expert to evaluate the configuration for your particular application, and suggest changes to optimize it.

See also: Workflow description