Regulatory Compliance reports

The Regulatory Compliance report lets you know if your application complies with regulations or legal standards.

About this task

Regulatory compliance report icon

There is a long list of templates from various countries to choose from, each template providing a compliance report for a different regulation.

If you do not find the regulation that you need in the list, you can create your own Regulatory Compliance report template (see User-defined reports for details).

The Regulatory Compliance reports include the following sections:

Section Title

Information Presented


Explanation of the regulation.

Compliance Summary

List and count of non-compliance issues.

Note that a single issue may indicate non-compliance of more than one section, and therefore the number of issues per section, for all the sections, may be more than the number of unique issues.

Unique Compliance Issues

List of non-compliant URLs, relevant parameters or cookies, and test names.

Each issue appears once only.

Compliance Issues by Section

Detailed explanations of how your application is non-compliant, with remediation to address issues.

The figure below shows a sample from a Regulatory Compliance Report.


  1. On the navigation bar, click Report > Regulatory Compliance
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select one of the listed Regulatory Compliance Report Templates:
    • Select the User Defined radio button and enter or browse to a custom Regulatory Compliance template file (*.asreg). See User-defined reports for details.
  3. If you want to control the appearance of the report, open the Layout tab (see Configuring report layout).
  4. Click Preview to generate and view the report within AppScan®; or click Save Report to generate and save it to a file.