Template-based reports

The Template Based tab of the Create Report dialog box enables you to create reports in Microsoft® Word DOC and DOCX formats, with exactly the data you want, and the document formatting you define.

Template-based report icon

Several sample templates are included with AppScan®. These can be used:

  • to generate reports (without editing)
  • as a basis for creating your own custom report templates
  • as a tool for understanding how to create your own report templates

The dialog box has two panes:

  • The left pane lists the templates currently available. Sample templates supplied with AppScan® appear in italicized text and are suffixed by the word "(sample)"; any user-created templates appear in regular (non-italic) text.
  • The right pane shows an editable "Preview Image" to help you identify the template you require quickly (see table following).

Button or Link

Click to:


Import a Word report template to the list in the left pane (e.g. one that you have previously customized). Imported templates are saved in: My Documents > AppScan® > Report Templates > Word

For more details, see Importing a custom template


Export a template on the list to a different location (e.g. for editing).


Delete a template from the list. This does not delete the template, but moves it to the folder: My Documents > AppScan® > Report Templates > Word > Deleted

Edit in MS Word

Open the selected template in MS Word for editing content and layout.

For more details, see Custom template tutorial

View Field Reference

Open an HTML list of field references that can be used in creating Word Report Templates.

Select Report Preview Image

Browse-to and select an image that will represent the template in the right pane (when the template is selected in the left pane).

Revert to Default Image

Reinstate the default image (a blank page) for the selected template.


Generate and display a report on the current scan results, using the template selected in the template pane.

MS Word will open and you can edit the content or layout if required. Note that AppScan® creates only a temporary file; if you want to save it you must do so in Word.

Save Report

Generate and save a report on the current scan results (without opening MS Word to display the report contents), using the template selected in the template pane.

AppScan® asks you to specify a name and location for saving the file. Once the file has been saved it opens so you can view it.

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