Pausing and continuing scans

You can pause a scan at any time and resume it later. If a scan was paused due to connection problems, you can continue the scan after the problem has been fixed.
Note: When you pause a scan it may continue for some time before actually stopping.
  1. To pause a scan, click the Pause button on the toolbar (or click Scan > Pause).

    The Notice Panel appears, displaying: Scan is incomplete.

  2. To continue a scan that was paused, click the Scan button on the toolbar, and select one of the options:
    • Full Scan: Resume full scan. (Continue with the Explore stage until there are no more unvisited URLs, and then continue automatically with the Test stage. If multiphase scanning is configured, complete multiple phases as necessary.)
    • Explore Only: Resume and complete the Explore stage but do not continue with the Test stage.
    • Test Only: Resume the Test stage, ignoring any unvisited URLs that had not been explored when the scan was paused.