Partial scans

Several options on the Scan menu let you perform part of a scan, or scan part of your site.



Explore Only

You can let AppScan Explore your site and build the site model, but not proceed with the Test stage of the scan. That way you can examine the site model and application data gathered to verify that it meets your requirements, and also explore manually if necessary, before proceeding with a Full Scan.

Test Only

If you previously ran Explore Only, or if you stopped a full scan before it was complete (or if you have recorded a Manual Explore or Multi-Step Operation), you can let AppScan Test your site using existing Explore results. This can save scan time if, for example, the site's structure has not changed, but you want to see the effect of security changes that have been made to it.
Note: In a Full Scan there are often parts of the site that are revealed on during the Test stage. When that happens AppScan runs an additional phase of Explore and Test stages. There may be several such phases in a scan. If you scan using the Explore Only and Test Only functions, the result is effectively a single-phase scan, which may not include all parts of the site.

Re-Scan (Full)

Deletes current scan results, and runs a full scan using the current configuration.


Deletes current scan results and runs an Explore stage only using the current configuration.


Deletes current Test results and runs a new Test stage using the current configuration and Explore results.
Limitation: If the response during Re-Test is identical to the original response, the result is not updated, and shows the timestamp of the original response.