Application tree

The Application Tree is a tree-view display of the folders, URLs, and files that AppScan found on your application.

  • In Issues view the Application Tree counters (the numbers in parentheses next to each node of the tree) indicate the number of issues relevant to the node and all its child nodes. (The total number of issues is shown at the top of the Result list.)
  • A strikethrough on any item in the Application Tree indicates that the node and all its child nodes have been excluded from scans by the User. (To re-include such a node in future scans, right-click and select Include in Scan.)
    Note: A child node can be included even if its parent node is excluded.
  • In the case of applications without a hierarchical URL structure, such as single entry-point applications (e.g. MVC), or applications where the hierarchical structure is not logical, you can create a "content-based" application tree, by defining a set of regular expressions which extract the logical path from the pages. (See Content-Based Results view.)
  • If a URL in the application tree contains only error responses, the URL is displayed with strike through formatting (with a line through it).

Application Tree right-click menu

If you right-click an item (other than My Application) in the Application Tree, the context-sensitive menu offers some or all of the following options:

Menu Item


Show in Browser

Opens the embedded browser to the selected URL.

Manual Explore

Starts a Manual Explore of the selected item. See Using a browser for details.

Manual Test

Opens the Manual Test dialog box. See Manual tests for details

Record Multi-Step Operation

Record a multi-step operation sequence for testing parts of the site that can only be reached by clicking links in a specific order. See Multi-Step Operations view for details.

Copy URL

Copies the selected URL to the clipboard. (Where there are more than one sub-nodes the URL of the first sub-node is copied.)

Report for this node

Create a report for the currently selected node in the application tree (including all its child nodes). See Creating partial reports for details.

Exclude from Scan

Excludes the selected URL (or all URLs under the selected node) from scans. (Toggles with "Include in Scan") See Exclude URL from scan for details.