This simple tutorial goes through the steps of configuring a simple application scan using the Scan Configuration wizard, running the scan, and reviewing the results.

This tutorial uses the Scan Configuration wizard to scan the "AltoroMutual Bank" website, which has been created for demonstration purposes.

Experienced users may prefer to follow the more advanced workflow (also using the wizard) described in Workflow for advanced users, or to configure in greater detail using the Scan Configuration Dialog Box.


Step 1: Configuring the scan

Step 2: Running the scan

Step 3: Reviewing Scan Results

Step 4: Working with results

You may like to work through this tutorial using the "AltoroMutual Bank" website, which has been created for demonstration purposes:







Note: If you are using an evaluation copy of AppScan, the AltoroMutual Bank website is the only site you can scan.
Note: This tutorial is only a quick view of the basic steps for running a scan. For explanations and full instructions, see Configuration. See also Workflow for advanced users.