Wizard: Incremental scan

Lists the steps of this wizard.

An Incremenat scan can save time by utilizing the results of an earlier scan, and testing either
  • New parts of the application and also those parts of the application where an issue was previously found, or
  • Only new parts of the application
An Incremental scan includes a full Explore stage, to discover the current structure of the application and identify what is new compared with the base scan. This is followed by a Test stage that offers the two options above.
Tip: Incremental scanning can be very useful if you want to run frequent and faster scans, but it is recommended to run full scans from time-to-time, in case new bugs occur in previously error-free parts of the site.

To start the wizard:

  • From the Welcome Screen, click Incremental scan and follow the steps:

    1. The first dialog explains the purpose and advantages of Incremental scanning. Click Next to start the configuration steps.
    2. Base scan.
    3. Options.
    4. Complete.