Connection Settings

(Optional:) Configure proxy settings and server-level authentication if needed.


  1. Select one of the three proxy options:
    • Use Internet Explorer proxy settings: (Default) When selected AppScan will use the address and port of the Internet Explorer connection when connecting to the application.
    • Don't use proxy: Select this if you do not want AppScan to use proxy settings at all.
    • Use custom proxy settings: Select this if you want to use an address and port other than those used by Internet Explorer.
  2. If you selected one of the options that uses a proxy, you can optionally set the Username, Password and Domain for AppScan to use when connecting. Click the Configure button to do this.
  3. If your platform requires server-level authentication, set the Username, Password and Domain in the HTTP Authentication area.
  4. Click Next.

What to do next

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