Scan Options tab

Tools > Options > Scan Options tab provides control over how AppScan operates during a scan.



Scan Monitoring:

Enable Scan Log

You can enable/disable the scan log, and can use the Customize button to choose exactly which items appear in the log, and their color.

See Customizing the Scan Log.

Enable request/response logging

You can enable the Request/Response Log, which can help technical support if you need assistance. However, turning on the log may affect performance. It should be disabled unless you need it.

Monitor memory consumption and disk space

AppScan checks available virtual and physical memory and disk space, and will send a warning if the available memory or disk space drops below the recommended amount.

If you clear the Monitor memory consumption and disk space check box (disable memory and disk space monitoring), AppScan does not perform the checks.

Indicate if scan is incomplete

If selected, Scan Incomplete appears at the bottom left corner of the Result List, when a scan is stopped before completion, to remind you that the results are only partial.

Automatically save during scan

Save a file of the scan (.scan) as it runs.

Interval in Minutes: Enter the number of minutes between saves; or use the slide bar to change the interval.