Advanced tab

Tools > Options > Advanced tab lets you view and change the default values of advanced settings.

The Advanced tab lists the Type (String, DWord or Boolean) and current Value of many settings, and lets you change them. When you select a setting by clicking on it, a brief description of the setting and how to use it appears at the bottom of the list.

  • To locate a particular Preference Name (or names), type a word or fragment into the filter field at the top of the dialog. Use the drill-down arrow to Match case and/or Match whole word
  • To change a setting, click on the Value field, and select or type in the new value.

    Settings that have been changed from their default values appear in bold.

    Note: If you try to enter an invalid value a warning appears and the value is not accepted.
  • To restore the default value of a single Preference, right-click on the Preference and select Restore Default.
  • To restore all settings to their default values, click the Restore Defaults button at the bottom of the dialog.