Preferences tab

Tools > Options > Preferences tab provides various controls over AppScan files, fix recommendations that appear in the GUI, and the Welcome screen.



Display Welcome screen on startup

The Welcome screen appears when AppScan launches. It offers quick access to configuring and loading scans.

If you find that you are closing the Welcome screen more often than using its features, you can stop it from opening by clearing this check box.

Check for updates on startup

AppScan will check for updated tests, security issues, and fixes when it launches. To disable this check, clear this check box; you can get updates whenever you want: Help > Check for Updates.

Report False Positive: Encrypt files

This setting applies to Report false positive test results. AppScan will encrypt selected variant information files that have been zipped, before attaching them to a new post in your default e-mail client.

Clear this check box if the email you want to send is to anywhere other than theAppScan® support team.

Run Scan Expert before Scan

(Selected by default) When selected, Scan Expert runs automatically whenever you run a full scan (Explore and Test), but not when you select Explore Only or Test Only.

Recording and Viewing Browser

Select the default browser that will be used so show the Starting URL, and to browse when exploring manually. Choose one of the two radio buttons and then select a browser from its drop down list.

  • Use embedded browser: If you select this option you can choose between the built-in AppScan IE and AppScan Chromium browsers.
  • Use external browser: If you select this option you can choose from supported browsers installed on your machine.