Sequence variables

The Sequence Variables pane lists all variables that were received during the recorded sequences. Those that AppScan® recognizes as session IDs are automatically added to the global list of parameters and cookies that are tracked during the scan (see Parameters and Cookies view), and they are marked with a checkmark in the "Tracked" column, to indicate that they are being tracked.

Tracking variables

You can change the status of any variable by selecting it and selecting or deselecting the Tracked check box. When a variable is "tracked" AppScan will always send the most recently received version, to help stay in-session.

Note that if you designate a variable as "not tracked" it is removed from the global list of parameters and cookies (see Parameters and Cookies view).

Defining a variable's format

You can define the parameter's format, to help AppScan send (during the Test stage) valid alternative versions of a parameter that varies. Right-click on the parameter and select one of the "Dynamic value" options:
  • Random integer (between 1 - 1000)
  • Decrementing integer (starts from 999999, and subtracts 1 each time)
  • Incrementing integer (starts from 1, and adds 1 each time)
  • Incrementing integer with leading zeros (starts from 000001, and adds 1 each time)
  • Random string (5 random characters)
  • Random alphabetic string (6 random alphabetic characters)
  • Date and time (MMddyyHHmmss)
  • Date, time and milliseconds (MMddyyHHmmssSSS)
  • Random email address
If the sequence registers a new user, and the process requires a new email address to be entered each time (so that the site will initiate the registration process rather than an "Existing User" page), define the variable as a "Random email address". Then, each time a test request is sent that includes the variable, a different email address will be used, enabling AppScan to test the registration pages.
Note: For more advanced ways of modifying a variable's value, refer to this technote.