Project file extensions

Configure or add valid global file extensions for each project type, change the extensions to include in scans, exclude from scans, and specify extensions as web files.

A drop-down list lists each available language or project type. See Creating a new project for an application for a list of available project types, and HCL AppScan Source system requirements for file extension details. When adding a new extension, identify whether files with the new extension can be scanned, considered as a web file, or excluded.

Settings in this page are global. To set file extensions for individual projects, use the File Extensions tab of the Properties view for the selected project.

File extension settings

Table 1. File extension settings
Setting Description Usage examples
Scan or Assess Include files with the indicated extension in full analysis.
  • If a .xxx extension is created for Java projects and marked as Scan or Assess, files with that extension will be compiled and scanned.
  • A file can be part of a project but not marked as Scan or Assess if it should not be compiled and scanned (such as header files in C++). These files would be included in the project and searched during pattern-based analysis.
Web File Mark files with the indicated extension for JSP compilation. This setting allows AppScan® Source to separate web sources from non-web sources. If a .yyy extension is created for Java projects and marked as a Web File, files with that extension will be arranged as web sources in the projects. When AppScan® Source prepares for analysis, these files will be precompiled into classes to be analyzed.
Exclude Do not create source files in the project for files with the indicated extension. Files with this extension will not be scanned. Create a .zzz extension for files that are necessary to your projects for compilation, but do not need to be included in analysis.