Configuring applications and projects

Before you scan, you must configure applications and projects. This section explains the Application Discovery Assistant, New Application Wizard, and the New Project Wizard. You will learn how to configure attributes for AppScan® Source for Analysis. In addition, this section teaches you how to add existing applications and projects for scanning - and how to add files to projects.

AppScan® Source for Analysis configuration includes application creation, source code configuration, and attribute configuration. After you configure and scan, you proceed to triage. You can configure your source code in the Properties view or with the New Project Wizard. This chapter guides you through the Wizard. See Properties view for an overview of application and project properties.

AppScan® Source for Analysis uses an application/project model that directly imports Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, or AppScan® Source projects previously created with the AppScan® Source utilities.

You can add and configure projects of various types and containing a variety of languages - specifying settings gathered from the target code base and its build procedures. During the configuration, you can specify directories and files to exclude from a scan.

Before you scan, you must configure applications and projects. An application is a container for projects; a project is the set of files to scan and the settings (configuration) used.