Configuring applications

You can use the New Application Wizard or the Application Discovery Assistant to create applications. The Application Discovery Assistant automates application setup for you, whereas the New Application Wizard allows you to add applications, guiding you through the configuration process. The wizard helps you manually create a project or add existing projects to an application. This section describes these two methods for adding application and basic configuration tasks.

Note: The Application Discovery Assistant quickly creates and configures applications and projects for Java source code and Microsoft Visual Studio solutions - or Eclipse workspaces that contain Java projects. To create an application for any other supported language, use the New Application Wizard - or import supported applications to AppScan® Source for Analysis.

You must create a new application (see Creating a new application with the New Application Wizard or Using the Application Discovery Assistant to create applications and projects) or add an existing application (see Adding an existing application) before adding projects. If you use Microsoft Visual Studio, you already arrange your source files in projects. AppScan® Source for Analysis allows you to import Solutions and treat them as AppScan® Source applications.

The following table lists the application file types that you can open and scan with AppScan® Source for Analysis.

Table 1. Supported Application File Types
Application File type
Eclipse workspace (Java only)

See the AppScan® Source system requirements to learn which versions of Eclipse are supported for workspace scanning.

<workspace directory> or .ewf

The workspace directory contains an additional directory, .metadata.

AppScan® Source application file .paf
Tip: An icon appears in the Explorer view to indicate an imported application (see Application and project indicators).
Note: When applications and projects are created using the New Application Wizard and New Project wizard, their file name is automatically assigned according to the Name entered in the wizard (for example, if a project is being created and MyProject is entered in the Name field, the project filename will be MyProject.ppf). Application and project names can be renamed using the Properties view.