What Ounce/Make supports

Ounce/Make supports multiple computer platforms, compilers, and make versions.


You can run Ounce/Make on all platforms supported by AppScan® Source.

Make Versions

Ounce/Make supports the following make versions:

  • make: The UNIX make utility is a software engineering tool for managing and maintaining computer programs
  • gmake: GNU Make is a tool that controls the generation of executables and other non-source files of a program from the program's source files
  • nmake: NMAKE.exe (the Microsoft Program Maintenance Utility) is a 32-bit tool that builds projects based on commands within a description file


Ounce/Make supports the following compilers:

  • GCC: The GNU Compiler Collection. AppScan® Source supports the C and C++ front ends
  • cl: cl.exe is the compiler to Microsoft Visual C++