The Ounce/Make build utility

Ounce/Make is a tool that automates the importing of configuration information into AppScan® Source from build environments that use makefile. Ounce/Make eliminates the need to import configuration information from makefiles manually; this the recommended method of configuring these projects.

The Ounce/Make utility provides a command line interface for generating AppScan® Source project files (.ppf) from makefiles (a makefile provides a means to build an executable application or library from source files). The generated ppf files contain all of the information needed by AppScan® Source to assess the source code that the corresponding makefile is responsible for compiling. Once Ounce/Make generates the .ppf files, you can import or add the project files into AppScan® Source.

To launch the utility:

  • On Windows systems, run <install_dir>\bin\ouncemake.exe (where <install_dir> is the location of your AppScan® Source installation), for example on Windows (32-bit):
    C:\Program Files\HCL\AppScanSource\bin\ouncemake.exe
  • On Linux systems, run <install_dir>/bin/ouncemake, for example:

Make is the tool that automates compiling, linking (and so forth), of programs, taking into account the interdependencies of modules and their modification times. Make reads instructions from a makefile, which specifies a set of targets to build, the files on which they depend, and the commands to execute to produce them.