Ounce/Make properties file

The Ounce/Make Properties file (ouncemake_properties.xml) is an XML file that contains details about your build environment. When Ounce/Make runs, it finds the properties file based on the search path or the -p option. The properties file must specify the compiler used in your build environment, the linker, and make elements.

To learn about the required and optional elements that are specified in the properties file, see Ouncemake properties file elements.

When you run Ounce/Make, if you do not specify the -p option on the command line, Ounce/Make looks through its search path looking for the ouncemake_properties.xml file (see Ounce/Make command syntax and make options to learn about specifying options on the command line). The Ounce/Make search path is platform-dependent.

The Microsoft Windows search path is:

The Linux search path is:

  • Current® working directory
  • <data_dir>/config (where <data_dir> is the location of your AppScan® Source program data, as described in Installation and user data file locations)
  • User's home directory
  • /etc
  • On Linux, if you do not specify the -p option and the properties file does not exist in the search path, AppScan® Source will automatically create one in the current working directory.
  • For backwards compatibility, Ounce/Make recognizes pmake_properties.xml. If both pmake_properties.xml and ouncemake_properties.xml exist in the same directory, ouncemake_properties.xml takes precedence.