Creating projects

The ounceCreateProject task generates AppScan® Source projects.

Use ounceCreateProject explicitly or implicitly:

  • Explicitly call ounceCreateProject in an Ant build file.
  • Implicitly call ounceCreateProject every time the javac task is called by overriding the build.compiler property.

Projects can be grouped into applications. You can use the optional application attribute or the appropriate Ounce/Ant properties to place the created project into an application.

Projects can also be augmented using Ounce/Ant. Project attributes from multiple projects can be merged into one AppScan® Source project. If more than one javac or ounceCreateProject is to augment the same project, retain the same name and directory.

Note: If you override build.compiler to create projects, run ant clean first.

Refer to ounceCreateProject task example for usage of properties and their nested attributes.