Creating and naming applications

Ounce/Ant can create AppScan® Source applications during operation and group the created AppScan® Source projects into the applications.

You create these applications with two Ant properties:

  • ounce.application_name
  • ounce.application_dir
Important: To create the application, you must either set both properties or set the appName and AppDir attributes of the ounceCreateProject task.

If these properties are set during project creation, the project is added to an application with the name specified by ounce.application_name and a working directory specified by ounce.application_dir.

You can set these properties multiple times using the var task to group projects into the applications that you want. An appropriate application name indicates the combination of projects into a single application.

Tip: If you use ounceCreateProject, you may also use the appName and appDir attributes to specify the application in which to include the project.