Adding an existing project

You can add AppScan® Source projects (.ppf files) previously created with AppScan® Source for Analysis to AppScan® Source applications. You can also add Eclipse project files (.epf), projects created by any of the supported build integration tools (for example, Ounce/Maven or Ounce/Ant), or project files created with Microsoft Visual C/C++ (.vcproj or.vcxproj), VB.NET (.vbproj), or C# (.csproj).

This table lists the project file types that you can open and scan with AppScan® Source for Analysis:

Table 1. Project File Types to Open
Project file type File extension
Microsoft Visual Studio C/C++ .vcproj, .vcxproj
Microsoft Visual Studio C# .csproj
Microsoft Visual Studio Visual Basic .vbproj
AppScan® Source project file .ppf
Eclipse project file .epf
Note: Ounce/Make is the recommended method to import makefile configurations. While manual configuration is possible, it requires significant and detailed knowledge of the compiler environment.

To learn how to add an existing project, see these topics:

Important: If you are working with an AppScan® Source project that has dependencies in a development environment (for example, an IBM® MobileFirst Platform project), ensure that you build the project in the development environment before importing it. After importing the project, if you modify files in it, be sure to rebuild it in the development environment before scanning in AppScan® Source (if you do not do this, modifications made to files will be ignored by AppScan® Source).
Note: When you import an existing .NET project, you can specify additional assemblies to scan. Add these assemblies in the project's Properties view Additional Assemblies tab. When you add additional assemblies, you can combine .NET projects that build with assemblies (including third party assemblies) that do not build, in a single scan.
Note: You can also open or import .pbxproj files as AppScan® Source projects.
Note: You can also add WAR and EAR files by dragging and dropping them into the Explorer view - however, these are added as applications and not projects. For more information, see Adding an existing application with drag and drop.