Creating containers using the Docker image

When creating containters using a Docker image, you must specify the image, license information, and make scan artifacts available to the image:
  • Command

    docker run ... hcl/appscan/source/cli:10.0.8.x

  • License information

    --env <name=value>

    --env-file env.list

  • Scan artifacts

    --volume /data/wa:/data/wa

Using the AppScan Source CLI Docker image, create containers by executing this command:

> docker run hcl/appscan/source/cli:10.0.8.x

Docker supports the following optional flags. See the Docker documentation for a detailed discussion of these and additional flags.

Flag Description
--rm Automatically remove the container when it exits
--detach, --d Run container in background and print container ID
--interactive, -i Keep STDIN open even if not attached
--ttv, -t Allocate pseudo-TTY


docker run –i --rm \
	    --env AS_LICENSE_INSTANCE=xxxx \
	    --volume /data/wa:/data/wa \
docker run --env-file env.list --volume /data/wa:/data/wa hcl/appscan/source/cli:10.0.8.x
Usage notes:
  • The CLI client does not support generating .paf/.ppf files, nor does the CLI running in a container
  • By default, a container opens AppScan® Source CLI shell, in which only supported AppScan® Source CLI commands can be executed.
  • Scanning .NET projects is not supported as the container is made available only on Linux.