Creating AppScan Source users

Typically, administrators will have users log in to AppScan® Source products with their AppScan Enterprise Server credentials. However, if there is cause for having AppScan Source users that do not exist in the AppScan Enterprise Server, administrators can create local AppScan Source users, according to the instructions in this topic.

About this task

Important: This topic applies only if you have upgraded to AppScan Source version 10.0.2 or higher from a 10.0.1 or earlier version of the product. New installations of AppScan Source version 10.0.2 do not have this functionality; all user administration of new AppScan Source installations occurs in AppScan Enterprise.

Users can be created in the AppScan Source for Analysis user interface or in the CLI. From the AppScan Source for Analysis user interface, you can also set automatic login for AppScan Enterprise Server users (see Configuring automatic login of AppScan Enterprise Server users).

To create users in the AppScan Source for Analysis user interface, follow these steps:


  1. Select Admin > Manage Users from the main workbench menu.
  2. The Manage Users dialog box lists existing AppScan Source users. Those located in the AppScan Enterprise Server user repository exist locally in the AppScan Source Database and on the AppScan Enterprise Server. Those located in the AppScan Source repository exist only in the AppScan Source Database. When you create a new user from this dialog box, it is created only in the AppScan Source Database.
  3. Click Add User to open the Add User dialog box.
  4. Type a User ID and then enter a password for the user (twice for confirmation - between 6 and 16 characters). These are required fields. You can also optionally add a user Name (255 characters maximum).
  5. Expand the Permissions tree and select the check boxes that identify the user's permissions.
  6. Click OK to create the user.


Using the settings described in this topic, you can also edit users by selecting the user in the Manage Users dialog box and clicking Edit User. Similarly, you can remove a user by selecting it and clicking Delete User.

Note: When you edit AppScan Enterprise Server users from AppScan Source for Analysis, you can only modify their AppScan Source permissions (provided you have Manage AppScan Enterprise Settings permissions).