Administering AppScan Source

This section explains user management, permissions, application and project registration, and port configuration.

Important: This topic applies only if you have upgraded to AppScan® Source version 10.0.2 or higher from a 10.0.1 or earlier version of the product. New installations of AppScan Source version 10.0.2 do not have this functionality; all user administration of new AppScan Source installations occurs in AppScan Enterprise.

Your AppScan Source administrator is responsible for deploying and installing the AppScan Enterprise Server and AppScan Source products - and creating users with the appropriate privileges and permissions (or configuring automatic login for AppScan Enterprise Server users). The administrator must understand the role of each user and the required deployment model to complete these tasks. It is also necessary for the administrator to know if other systems, such as defect tracking and Directory Server, must be integrated with AppScan Source and the AppScan Enterprise Server.

It is also important to understand the installation configurations of AppScan Source for Analysis and the AppScan Enterprise Server, how to connect to the server, and the available functionality for each user. For example, the administrator must be familiar with how to configure AppScan Source applications and projects and how to register and publish them.

Typically, administrators will have users log in to AppScan Source products with their AppScan Enterprise Server credentials. However, if there is cause for having AppScan Source users that do not exist in the AppScan Enterprise Server, administrators can create local AppScan Source users (see Creating AppScan Source users).