Troubleshooting and support

There are a number of self-help information resources and tools to help you troubleshoot problems.

When there is a problem with your product, you can:
  • Refer to the release information for your product for known issues, workarounds, and troubleshooting information.
  • Check if a download or fix is available to resolve your problem.
  • Search the available knowledge bases to see if the resolution to your problem is already documented.

If you still need help, contact IBM® Software Support and report your problem.

Additional support resources

Effective troubleshooting requires that you have ready access to external information, tools to gather internal information, and communication channels to exchange information with support teams. IBM provides you with support resources and tools to build a robust and efficient troubleshooting environment:
  • IBM Software Support Toolbar: Predefined links to the most useful software support information for IBM brands in addition to powerful search capabilities.
  • IBM Education Assistant: Collection of multimedia educational modules designed to help you gain a better understanding of IBM software products and use them more effectively to meet your business requirements.
  • IBM Support Assistant: Downloadable serviceability workbench to research, analyze, and resolve problems using various support features and tools.
  • Online Service Request: Online problem management to open, edit, and track open and closed Problem Management Records (PMRs) by customer number.
For information about these and more support resources and tools, visit the Support Resources page on the HCL® Support website at