Creating a scan from an application

The easiest way to associate a scan to an application is to create the scan from the application. To associate an existing scan with an application, use the existing scan's Job Properties page.


  1. Select the application from the list.
  2. Click Create Scan and select a folder to store the scan.
  3. From the Template list, select one of the following options:
    • An import job
    • A QuickScan template
    • (Standard User or Administrator role only): Advanced Configuration (to create a scan from scratch)
  4. Click Create to continue the scan configuration.
  5. After you finish configuring the scan, run the job.
    1. If a job is running and any of its internal domain has a blackout period that is scheduled, the job auto-suspend at the beginning of the blackout period and resume running when the blackout period ends.
    2. If the job suspends, the agent service attempts to automatically resume the job five times.
    3. When you delete a job, you also delete the data that is collected by the job. If you rerun the report packs that use the job, they do not include the old data. If you do not rerun the report packs, they retain the old data.
  6. After the job runs, click the Application link for the job to return to the Monitor view to see the scan results and start triaging the issues that were discovered.