Associating scans with an application

You can associate existing scan jobs with an application. A scan can be associated with only one application, but many scans can be associated with the same application. Associate existing scans with the application by selecting and adding multiple scan jobs. This method eliminates the work of associating scans individually, especially if you have many scans to work with. You can also change application associations with this method.


  1. Browse to the relevant folder in the Folder Explorer view, select the folder items, and click Associate with Application. If you selected the report packs and dashboards that also exist in the folder, they are removed during the "association" process. This batch processing saves you time because you are not required to choose the scan jobs from a long list of folder items.
  2. Pick an application and click Apply > Done. The applications that you have "read" access to are displayed in the list on the Associate Scans with an Application page.