Creating an application

Create an application and associate scans so that you can track security testing progress against the business impact on your critical web applications.


  1. From the Portfolio tab in the Monitor view, click Create Application and give the application a unique name on the Attributes page.
  2. Edit the attributes and assign them values. You can search all of these attributes when you are triaging your applications for security testing and vulnerability tracking. You might not need to use all the attributes for each application, but the following list describes some key ones to consider editing:
    • Business Impact: If this application is important, assign it a high or critical value so that when you filter your application inventory by this attribute, this particular application will appear near or at the top of the list. Then you can focus your security testing efforts on this application first.
    • Tested: You can quickly filter on this attribute to see whether testing is completed.
    • Tags: You can add user-defined, shared attributes to new and existing applications. Enter the names that you want to attach to this application; separate multiple tags with commas. You can view all applications that have the same Tags attribute by filtering your display in the Application tab.
  3. Optional: Add comments when necessary. Comments cannot be deleted.
  4. Click Save Attributes.

What to do next

Create a scan for the application