Using a certificate in your certificate store with Liberty

This procedure describes how to use Liberty certificates to secure IIS.


  1. Optional: If you don't have a server certificate, create one from your certificate authority.
    1. Generate a certificate request to send to your external certificate authority.
    2. Send the certificate request to the certificate authority using a method that the certificate authority accepts.
    3. When you receive the certificate, complete the certificate request.
  2. Install AppScan Enterprise Server.
  3. Run the configuration wizard.
  4. In the Server Certificate window, choose a certificate specific to your organization. This step helps you deploy a secure AppScan® Enterprise in your environment. See Server Certificate.

  5. In the Server Keystore screen, select a server keystore to be used by the Enterprise Console. If you exported a .pfx file, select Public key cryptography standards #12 (PKCS #12). Browse to the location where you saved the .pfx file, import it and enter the password you created when you exported the file. See Server Keystore.

  6. Finish the configuration wizard.