Upgrading the AppScan® Source LDAP connection with an Oracle database

If you are changing LDAP settings (such as the server name or alias name) or if you are moving the AppScan® Enterprise Server to another computer, you must update the asc.properties file to reflect those changes.


  1. Stop the AppScan® Enterprise Server services.
  2. Edit the file <install-dir>\AppScan Enterprise\Liberty\usr\servers\ase\config\asc.properties.
  3. Set the value of core.db.oracle.jdbc.connection.string to the appropriate connection string for the new server.
    For example, ldap://oid:389/r7sol001,cn=OracleContext,dc=company,dc=com
  4. Make sure that the value of core.db.oracle.jdbc.connection.string is set to the appropriate alias..
    For example, r7sol001
  5. Save the changes and restart the AppScan® Enterprise Server services.