Configuring the SQL Server database for AppScan® Enterprise

The AppScan® Enterprise Server configuration needs information about SQL Server. Configure the SQL Server first to save time during the AppScan® configuration. If you upgrade SQL Server to a newer version, follow these instructions as well.

SQL Server properties

To define server properties:

  1. Right-click the server name and select Properties > Security.
  2. In the Server Authentication section, choose Windows Authentication mode and click OK.
Note: If your environment uses a named SQL Server instance for the AppScan Enterprise database, make sure that TCP/IP is enabled in the SQL Server configuration manager, and restart the SQL services for SQL Server and SQL Server browser. For example, if you specify the instance name as:SQL Server or Server\Instance name: <sql_server_host>\<sql_server_instance> instead of SQL Server or Server\Instance name: <sql_server_host>.

Encrypting a SQL Server database with EFS

If your configuration uses Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition, and you plan to encrypt your AppScan Enterprise databases, then this procedure needs to be performed before you install AppScan Enterprise.