Scheduling a scan to run automatically

A schedule is a property of a scan. Each scan can only have one schedule, and can be scheduled by the minute, hour, day, week, or month. Having a schedule does not prevent you from manually running the scan at any time. Additionally, you can exclude a scan activity from running between a defined period. In a schedule scan, specify time frame during which the scan job is not initiated or momentarily pause any active scan job in process.


  1. From an app in the Monitor view, click View details and scroll to the Scans section of the dialog.
  2. Find the scan you want to schedule and click the Job Properties icon.
    1. For an import scan, click Advanced Scan Configuration > Schedule
    2. For a scan created with the AppScan Dynamic Analysis Client, click Additional Settings > Schedule.
  3. On the Schedule page, select the Run automatically as per the schedule below check box.
  4. In the Exclusions section, select the Do not run between the following times check box.
  5. Set the schedule and exclusion time frame.
  6. Click Apply and Save to save the configuration.


The schedule will be reflected in the Next Run column of the Folder Content Summary.
Note: Resuming a scan with a scheduled blackout period for a domain will take precedence over a regularly scheduled scan.