Converting scan configurations from AppScan® Standard in the AppScan® Dynamic Analysis Client

If you have an existing content scan that is based on a scan template (*.scant) from AppScan® Standard, you can convert the scan configuration so that you can edit it directly in the AppScan® Dynamic Analysis Client. However, after you convert the scan configuration, you cannot open it again in AppScan Standard.


  1. From the Folder Explorer in the Scans view, find the content scan job that you want to convert and click Edit.
    Note: The file extension of the content scan must be *.scant.
  2. On the Job Properties page, click Convert to AppScan Dynamic Analysis Client scan. The scan job closes.
  3. Back in the Folder Explorer, click the Edit link of the scan job, which opens as a QuickScan job. Click Edit again.
  4. In the AppScan® Dynamic Analysis Client, modify the configuration, and then click Update Job.