Troubleshooting folders

This topic addresses common questions and issues related to folders.

Where are my folders in the Monitor view?

There are no folders in the Monitor view. The folders in the Folder Explorer view (Scans tab) are not structurally related with the application inventory in the Monitor view. But you can use the folder structure in the Folder Explorer view as a guide as you start to migrate your existing scans into applications. Follow the migration plan for existing scans in this topic: Workflow examples for managing application security.

Why can't I see a folder?

You might not have access permission for the folder. Someone must explicitly give you a role in the folder before you can access it.

Why can't I see certain items in a folder?

You might not have access permission for those items. The items that you can see inside a folder depend both on your role in the folder, and on the permission granted by the owner of the item (both report packs and dashboards have access permissions).

Why can't I see any jobs in the folder?

You must have a Job Administrator role in the folder to see any jobs inside it.

How do I restrict access to a particular folder?

Folder access is determined by the role that a user has in the folder. To restrict access to a folder, change the user's role in the folder to No Access as follows:

  1. Edit the folder's properties: select the folder and click Edit. The General Properties page opens.
  2. Click the Users menu item.
  3. Find the user's name in the list and select it. If the user is not in the list, add the user.
  4. Click No Access. The user no longer has access to the folder.