Limiting scan to a specific folder

Using Exclusions and Exceptions to limit the range of a scan.

About this task

You can limit automatic scanning to a specific folder or folders by excluding all URLs, and then including the directory or directories required.


  1. Open Scan Configuration > Exclude Paths and Folders.
  2. Add an Exclude item with path of your site, such as (see Exclude Paths).
  3. Add one or more Exception items below the Exclude item, with the path(s) you want to scan.
    Note: The Exception item(s) must appear below the Exclude item in order to take effect. If necessary, use the Up/Down buttons to adjust the order before closing.
  4. Verify that the starting URL (see URL and Servers) is not within one of the excluded paths. (If it is the scan will not be able to start!)
  5. Click OK to save changes and close the list.


Example 1

Example 2