Exclude Paths and Files

Exclude Paths and Files view of the Configuration dialog box.

You can configure ADAC to ignore certain paths in the application, or specific types of file. However, you should apply exclusions with caution, as they may have important issues. Changes here apply only to Request-Based Exploring, not Action-Based Exploring (as configured in Explore Options > Main tab > Explore Method).



Exclude Paths

You can filter the scope of the automatic Explore stage by adding URLs (full paths, which may include queries) or Regular Expressions to the Exclude or Include Paths list.

For details see Exclude Paths

Exclude File Types

You can configure ADAC to ignore specific types of file during the scan. For example, you could make the scan run faster if you exclude graphics files. However, you should exclude files with caution, as they may contain important issues.

For details see Excluding file types