URL and Servers

URL and Servers view of the ADAC.

Tip: You must define the URL from which to start the scan. The remaining settings are optional.



Starting URL

Provide the URL of your application to be the starting point of the scan. AppScan attempts to reach the URL, and if it succeeds a green checkmark and "Connected to server" confirmation appear underneath the Starting URL. If the problem can be corrected with a configuration change, AppScan suggests what change is needed and links to the appropriate view in the Configuration dialog box.

the Show in Browser icon Opens the page you entered in a browser. If necessary you can browse to a different URL and use the toolbar to set the new page as the Start URL for the scan. Close the browser to continue with scan configuration.

the Refresh icon Tests the Starting URL again. Click this button if the server was down when you configured, and later resumed.
Note: If you change the domain, scheme or port of the Starting URL after configuring the scan, changes to the configuration may be needed. You will be asked if you want AppScan to do this automatically. For more details, see Changing the Starting URL

Scan only links in and below this directory.

When selected, the scan is limited to pages below the starting URL. Links to other URLs will not be scanned, even if they are included in the list of Additional Servers and Domains (below).

Treat all paths as case-sensitive

When selected, links that differ from each other by case will be considered different pages. For example, "ReadMe.as" would be considered different to "readme.as".

When deselected, all URLs appear in lowercase.

Select this check box if the file system on your application host is case sensitive. In most cases, you will want to check the check box for Unix-based servers, and clear the check box for Windows-based servers.

Additional Servers and Domains

If your application includes links to domains other than the domain of the Starting URL, you must add them here in order for them to be included them in the scan.
Note: You can only add servers/domains that are included in your license.