Importing issues from third-party scanners

Whether you use third-party scanners or conduct manual penetration tests to discover issues, you can import the issues from a CSV file into AppScan 360° for triaging.


  1. Download the Sample CSV file (also available from the Import Issues dialog box) to see which issue attributes can be imported to AppScan 360°.
    Tip: Modify the sample CSV file and use it as a template for all of your third-party scanners.
  2. Scan your environment for vulnerabilities and export a comma-separated value (CSV) file of the issues.
    • Use the English column headers shown in the sample file, not translated versions.
    • Make sure that the CSV uses UTF-8 encoding.
    • The file size limit is 200 MB.
    • If the field or cell contains a comma, the field or cell must be enclosed by double quotation marks (").
  3. Import the issues:
    1. On an Application tab, go to the Issues view and click Import Issues.
    2. Locate the file, give it a scan or test name, and click Import. Check the import log for errors. Otherwise, close the dialog.