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Customer Experience is now the number one differentiator in decision making when transacting online. It is crucial that you are able to monitor, understand and manage those online experiences using quantitative data and insights from your actual customer sessions.
HCL Discover offers a host of always improving exciting and dynamic capabilities which will enable you to get quantitative data and qualitative analysis helping you to understand your customer's online experience.
Use HCL Discover to discover your customer's experience and understand their pain points. With HCL Discover, you can monitor your customers and your web or mobile application, and analyse business impact.
System requirements and compatibility
HCL Discover system requirements and compatibility details.
New Features in 12.1.12
The following list contains the new features or changes in functionalities made to HCL Discover in version 12.1.12.
Fixed Defects
The following are the Fixed Defects in the 12.1.12 version of Unica Discover:
Known Issues
The following are the Known Issues in the 12.1.12 version of Unica Discover:
Before you contact HCL technical support
If you encounter a problem that you cannot resolve by referring the documentation, your company's designated support contact can log a call with HCL technical support. Use these guidelines to ensure that your problem is resolved efficiently and successfully.
Installing HCL Discover involves planning and preparing your environment, installing and configuring prerequisite software, obtaining the HCL Discover installation files, and running the HCL Discover installer.
Installation and Deployment Manual
Discover Network Capture Application Manual
HCL Discover Session Archiving Installation Guide
As you prepare for an installation, you need to gather some items, review hardware and software requirements, and then you can perform the installation.
Discover Upgrade Manual
Configuring HCL Discover involves setting up and managing Discover user authorization and configuring Discover server components and services that process captured data.
Administering HCL Discover involves configuring and integrating the HCL Discover client framework with your web applications or mobile native applications, installing and administering the databases used by HCL Discover, defining event objects and configuring events, hit attributes, dimensions, and other object attributes used by HCL Discover to monitor mission-critical metrics of your web application's performance.