Ctree Server License constraints

The Ctree Server License constraint enforces the processor affinity mask of DB processes to four CPUs or lesser.

About this task

When installing Discover on Microsoft Windows, as a part of the installation of the Processing Server component, if the system detects more than four CPUs, it aborts the installation of the Processing Server component because of the Ctree Server License constraint. The installation of other components remain unaffected.

For a workaround related to the constraint, complete the following steps:


  1. In the ctsrvr.cfg file, available in the <DISCOVER_HOME>/Ctree/Server/ location, append the following line:
    CPU_AFFINITY 0,1,2,3
  2. With administrator rights, run the following command from the <DISCOVER_HOME> location:
  3. Note: Ensure that you select Preserve Session Data to save existing Canister data.
    Click Rebuild.
  4. In the DCMaint.log file, available in the <DISCOVER_HOME>/Logs/ location, confirm the following:
    • The DCMaint.log file ends with
      <DCMaint completed with no errors>
    • The DCMaint.log file has an updated timestamp after running CanRebuild.exe.
  5. Restart Discover Canister Manager.