DOM Capture and long term storage (LTS) archiving

You can use Unica Discover Session Archiving to save DOM Capture sessions as a Long Term Storage (LTS) in a PDF file for meta data and electronic signature.

The long term storage (LTS) feature can archive and retrieve Unica Discover sessions (DOM + Network) for replay analysis.

Replay does not connect to your website to fetch the static content (Images and CSS) to replay the archived DOM Capture sessions.

The file contains the session data and all of the static content needed for Replay.

LTS limitations

The LTS feature has the following limitations:
  • The LTS feature might not be a complete solution for Network Capture (for dynamically generated JavaScript).
  • As each session is independent and stores all static content within archive file, there is redundancy of static content (there is no option for a self contained file).
  • Your web site should not retrieve different static content from the form your server based on client parameters like "location" or "cookie". (for instance, the image is different if fetched from a different country or cookie).
    Note: This limitation is related to Replay and LTS, rather than LTS alone.
  • If you update the static data on your web site between the time the session was captured and the time the LTS was generated, the new static data will be used in the generated LTS. This could result in a Replay showing a different image or layout from what your customer experienced.