Portal Management

This section contains administration topics for managing the Discover Portal and features available through it.

About this task

In the Portal, you can manage user accounts, user groups, and settings for installed Discover components. Through menu-driven controls, you can also configure reports, search templates, and browser-based replay, a web-based application for replaying visitor sessions. You can also create announcements that are displayed in the Portal.

To access the portal complete the following steps.


  1. Login to the Portal as an administrator.
  2. Select Discover > Manage Portal.
  3. The Manage Portal page is displayed.


Note: After saving changes in the Manage Portal page, you may need to logout of the Portal and login again to see the effects of those changes.
Use the following table to see more information about the Discover Portal:
Table 1. More information about the Discover Portal

This is a two-columned table, where the first column provides the information about the Discover Portal in brief, and the second column cites the manual in which the information can be found.

For more information about... See...
Discover Portal
Portal features
Portal search "Searching in the Portal" in Unica Discover Manuals
Logging into the Discover Portal, using Discover Portal, Portal navigation "Logging in to the Portal", "Using the Discover Portal", and "Portal Navigation" in Unica Discover Manuals
Configuring Discover Portal
Configuring Portal authentication "Portal Authentication" in Unica Discover Configuration Manual
Configuring Portal web application, configuring Portal for a locale "Configuring the Discover Portal" n Unica Discover Installation Manual
Resolving any problems with the Portal