Auditing justification and reporting- a business scenario

Keep your scheduling environment under control

Jason and Tim both work for S&L, a primary brokering company. Tim is a HCL Workload Automation administrator and he must be in control of every aspect of the scheduling process. Just when he is getting ready to leave, his boss calls him with an urgent request: he needs a complete audit report of last year's activities for the Toronto branch. Tim is in a hurry and it is getting late.

However, with HCL Workload Automation , he can easily trace all changes and quickly find out who did what and why.

In the Dynamic Workload Console, Tim requires that justification information be provided for each change to an object by setting the Auditing Preferences. The requirement applies to all objects on the specified engines. Each time a user performs a change on an object, they have to specify a reason for making the change. Based on this information, Tim can produce a report containing all information about who, when, why, and what has changed for each modification on each scheduling object.

Tim's colleague, Jason, is an HCL Workload Automation operator and he needs to make sure that his workflows run smoothly. However, this is not always the case: an error has occurred and Jason must understand what happened. The PAYROLL job stream has failed unexpectedly. In the Workload Designer, Jason can see that some jobs were modified yesterday and why. He then applies the same correction to the one remaining job and restarts the job stream. With the correction applied, the job stream now runs correctly.

You can find more information and the detailed business scenario in the Stay in control of your workload video.