Changing the Dynamic Workload Console user of DB repository

How to change the Dynamic Workload Console user that updates the settings repository on DB2.

Before you begin

To perform this task you need to have the Administrator role.

You must have switched the Dynamic Workload Console settings repository from a local file to a database repository, as described in Moving configurations and settings definitions from one database to a different database.

About this task

Only users with database administrator rights are authorized to initialize the Dynamic Workload Console related tables on the database.

If you want the Dynamic Workload Console to access the database repository with a user without database administrator privileges you must follow these steps:


  1. Create a new DB2 user and grant this user with SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE rights on all the following tables, belonging to TDWC schema:
    The above are the default permissions. However, if you need to restrict your policy, you can give the following permissions to the new DB2user:
    revoke connect,bindadd, createtab, implicit_schema on database from public; 
    revoke use of tablespace USERSPACE1     from public; 
    grant use of tablespace userspace1 to  user twsdb2; 
    grant createtab on database to user  twsdb2; 
    grant implicit_schema on database to user twsdb2;
  2. Change Dynamic Workload Console user accessing DB2
    1. From the navigation toolbar, click Administration > Manage Settings.
    2. In the Database Settings section, specify the credentials of the newly created user that must to connect to the database.

    Note: As a result of this user switch, theDynamic Workload Console without database administrator privileges will no longer be authorized to initialize the database in the Manage Settings panel.