Variable table

A variable table is a table containing multiple variables and their values. All global parameters, now called variables, are contained in at least one variable table.

You are not required to create variable tables to be able to use variables, because the scheduler provides a default variable table.

However, you might want to define a variable with the same name, but different values, depending on when and where it is used. You do this by assigning different values to the same variable in different variable tables. You can then use the same variable name in different job definitions and when defining prompts and file dependencies. Variable tables can be assigned at run cycle, job stream, and workstation level.

Variable tables can be particularly useful in job definitions when a job definition is used as a template for a job that belongs to more than one job stream. For example, you can assign different values to the same variable and reuse the same job definition in different job streams.

For information about how to define variable tables, see Variable table definition.