Job stream

A job stream is a sequence of jobs to be run, together with times, priorities, and other dependencies that determine the order of processing. Each job stream is assigned a time to run, represented by run cycle with type calendar, set of dates, or repetition rates. Job streams can be defined in a specific smart workflow folder if you want to organize them by line of business or some other custom category.

Dependencies in a distributed environment:
You can have dependencies between both jobs and job streams. They can be:
Internal dependencies
These are dependencies established between jobs belonging to the same job stream.
External dependencies
These are dependencies between job streams, or between job streams and jobs belonging to other job streams, or between jobs belonging to different job streams.
Internetwork dependencies
These are dependencies on jobs or job streams running in another HCL Workload Automation network. Internetwork dependencies require a network agent workstation to communicate with the external HCL Workload Automation network.

Dependencies on resources are supported by HCL Workload Automation both in the distributed and in the z/OS environments.

For information about how to define job streams, see Job stream definition.