Production plan

After having created or updated the preproduction plan, HCL Workload Automation completes the information stored in the preproduction plan with the information stored in the database about the operations to be performed in the selected time period and the other scheduling objects involved when processing the plan and copies it in a new Symphony file. It also adds in this file the cross-plan dependencies, such as job streams carried forward from the production plan already processed, and archives the old Symphony file in the schedlog directory.

At the end of this process, the new Symphony file contains all the information implementing the new production plan, and in addition, all of the plan data is replicated in the database for easy querying from the Dynamic Workload Console and APIs.

A copy of the new Symphony file is distributed to all the workstations involved in running jobs or job streams for that production plan.

In the security file the user authorization required to generate the production plan is the build access keyword on the prodsked and Symphony files.
Note: To avoid running out of disk space, keep in mind that each job or job stream instance increases the size of the Symphony file by 512 bytes.

For information on how to generate the production plan refer to Creating and extending the production plan.